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Where curiosity is cultivated, learning is fun, and bilingualism is a lifelong benefit.

Our Campus

Bilingual preschool campus located in North Austin

Our campus is fully equipped and ready for the best learning experience. You are invited to schedule a visit to see our campus and talk with our team.

Our Bilingual Programs

From Toddler to Summercamp Programs

Bilingual Minds offers several programs for your loved one, including: Toddler, Preschool, Afterschool, Enrichment, Projeto Brasil, and Camps. Click on the button below to read more about them.

Our curriculum

Curriculum at Bilingual Minds Learning Center

At Bilingual Minds Learning Center, our curriculum is not just a set of lessons; it’s a philosophy that recognizes the unique potential within each child. We strive to create an environment where learning is a joyful journey, and every child is empowered to embrace their innate curiosity, creativity, and love for exploration. Our commitment to language diversity, inclusive community building, and holistic development sets the stage for a transformative educational experience for every child entrusted to our care.

Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to provide a rich and immersive learning experience for children. We believe that learning is not just a process but an adventure that unfolds through play, imagination, and the genuine interests of each child. Our approach is deeply rooted in the principles of the Emergent Bilingual Curriculum, influenced by brain research, and inspired by the renowned Reggio Emilia Philosophy and STEAM education.

Play-based Learning

Emergent Bilingual Curriculum

Bilingual Education

Inclusive Community Building

Anti-Bias Education

STEAM Education

Our Values

We nurture curiosity, and firmly believe that bilingualism is a lifelong benefit


To be the biggest reference in bilingual education, in its areas of activity.


Meet with high quality the needs of families to have bilingual training for their children in the pre-school phase, the age most appropriate to this objective. Operate as an inclusive school, admitting students with disabilities.

Presented by Cultura Brasil Austin

Bilingual Minds Austin is a Cultura Brasil Austin initiative as Projeto Brasil and many others in the Austin community.

Cultura Brasil Austin has been the major Brazilian community center in Austin for the past decade.

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