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Each program at Bilingual Minds is crafted for dynamic and enriching learning, fostering a foundation for a lifetime of exploration.


Nurturing the curiosity of our youngest learners with a focus on early development.


Providing a solid foundation for lifelong learning in a stimulating environment.


Exciting opportunities for continued growth and academic support.

Projeto Brasil

Immerse in cultural exploration for a global perspective. Projeto Brasil offers programs aimed at developing language skills such as oral communication, writing and reading. Our goals include expanding vocabulary, opportunities to use the language, exposure to Brazilian culture, development of skills such as cooperation, creativity, problem solving using STEAM projects, Maker challenges, hands-on projects, experiments and much more.

Enrichment Program

Fostering creativity and skill development in a dynamic educational setting.


Fun-filled experiences fostering friendship and exploration.

Cultivate curiosity with fun and bilingualism​

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Curriculum and differentials

Our Learning Approach

Our Learning Approach is based on an “Emerging” Bilingual Curriculum where children’s abilities, needs, and interests come first. It is inspired by the renowned educational philosophy “Reggio Emilia Approach” and brain studies.

First Portuguese-English Preschool in Austin

Reggio Emilia Educational Philosophy

Projeto Brasil and Cultura Brasil Austin

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