Welcome to the world of learning opportunities for your child with our bilingual educational programs. Our dedicated team at Bilingual Minds in Austin is thrilled to announce that we are currently accepting enrollments for the upcoming academic season.

Who we are

The First Portuguese - English Bilingual Preschool in Austin

Where curiosity is cultivated, learning is fun, and bilingualism is a lifelong benefit.

Activities in Portuguese and English

Preparation for literacy in Portuguese and English

Inspired by the "Reggio Emilia" educational philosophy

Innovative child-centered curriculum

Full-time or Part-time preschool schedule

Inclusive environment

Our Programs

Bilingual Minds Programs

Each program at Bilingual Minds is crafted for dynamic and enriching learning, fostering a foundation for a lifetime of exploration.


(18-35 months)
Nurturing the curiosity of our youngest learners with a focus on early development.


(3-5 years)
Providing a solid foundation for lifelong learning in a stimulating environment.


Exciting opportunities for continued growth and academic support.

Projeto Brasil

Immerse in cultural exploration for a global perspective. Projeto Brasil offers programs aimed at developing language skills such as oral communication, writing and reading. Our goals include expanding vocabulary, opportunities to use the language, exposure to Brazilian culture, development of skills such as cooperation, creativity, problem solving using STEAM projects, Maker challenges, hands-on projects, experiments and much more.

Enrichment Program

Fostering creativity and skill development in a dynamic educational setting.


Fun-filled experiences fostering friendship and exploration.

Bilingual World, Exploring Minds, Creating Bilingual Futures

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Curriculum and differentials

Our Learning Approach

Our Learning Approach is based on an “Emerging” Bilingual Curriculum where children’s abilities, needs, and interests come first. It is inspired by the renowned educational philosophy “Reggio Emilia Approach” and brain studies.

First Portuguese-English Preschool in Austin

Reggio Emilia Educational Philosophy

Projeto Brasil and Cultura Brasil Austin

We need your support

Our program was planned with great care but this project can’t exist without you and your support.  The time has come to put action to our words!

You can support us by spreading the word, signing up if you are interested, or making a tax-deductible donation.

🇺🇸 Tickets for our Arraiá are now available!! Come experience one of Brazil’s biggest celebrations with traditional foods, dance, and games!!

This fundraiser is for the playground in our new space! 

Where: 10613 N FM 620, Austin, TX 78726
�Children and teens up to 16 FREE! And how much are the tickets? You pick the amount of your donation! 

Just click on the link in the bio.

🇧🇷Correm que os ingressos pro Arraiá já estão disponíveis para venda.

Se "ocês" não correrem, vão ficar sem, hein? "Dispois" não digam que "nóis" não avisemos. E olhem que gracinha, as crianças e adolescentes até 16 anos, não precisam pagar pra entrar, "sô."

Pois então, tão esperando o quê? Corre lá no link da bio e garanta o seu ingresso! 
E quanto custa? "Cê dicidi!!" É só escolher o valor de sua doação. 

Esse ano o Arraiá está arrecadando fundos para a construção do parquinho de nosso novo espaço.

Nosso Arraiá será no centro cultural do Cultura Brasil Austin - CBA
10613 N FM 620, Austin, TX 78726

É só clicar no link da bio!
🇺🇸 When children are in a space where they can question and experiment, they build new knowledge and develop creativity. The environment at the Bilingual Minds classrooms are prepared every day to promote creativity and the construction of new learning.

Have you visited our classrooms? If not, schedule a visit clicking on the link in the bio. We’ll be waiting for you at Bilingual Minds!

🇧🇷 Quando as crianças estão em um espaço que podem questionar e experimentar elas são capazes de construir novos conhecimentos e desenvolver criatividade. Os ambientes das salas da Bilingual Minds são preparados todos os dias para promover a criatividade e a construção de novas aprendizagem.

Já veio conhecer nossas salas? Se ainda não, faça-nos uma visita. Estamos esperando você! Agende uma visita clicando no link da bio.
🇺🇸 At Bilingual Minds Preschool, learning continues alongside the development of all the skills children need to be academically successful in the future. Children need to develop motor, emotional, cognitive, and language skills to be able to learn how to read and write.

We enroll children from 18 months to 5 years old. Come for a visit our school by scheduling a tour on our site (link on bio) or DM us to schedule your tour.

🇧🇷 Na pré-escola Bilingual Minds a aprendizagem segue junto ao desenvolvimento de todas as habilidades que as crianças precisam para terem sucesso acadêmico no futuro. A criança precisa desenvolver habilidades motoras, emocionais, cognitivas e de linguagem para conseguirem aprender a ler e escrever. 

Matriculamos crianças de 18 meses até 5 anos. Venha conhecer a nossa escola! Agende sua visita no site (no link da bio) ou nos envie uma mensagem para agendar sua visita!
🇺🇸 Bruna Botelho is from Santo André, São Paulo and has degrees in Industrial Design, Marketing and Theater.

With the arrival of her first child in 2016, she changed gears and dove into the world of child development and positive discipline and communication.

She currently teaches for Projeto Brasil for the classes Brasileirinhos 1 and Brasil 2. Bruna is part of the curriculum development team at bilingual Minds and is our substitute teacher.

🇧🇷 Bruna Botelho é natural de Santo André/ SP, ela é formada em Desenho Industrial, Marketing e Teatro.

Com a chegada do primeiro filho, em 2016, direcionou seus estudos para o desenvolvimento, comunicação e disciplina positiva na infância.

Professora das turmas Brasileirinhos 1 e Brasil 2 do Projeto Brasil, Bruna acompanha diariamente a construção e desenvolvimento do currículo da Bilingual Minds e é a nossa professora substituta.
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The first Portuguese-English Preschool in Austin is now receiving registration


10613 N FM 620, Austin, TX 78726

(Nearby the Peace Lutheran Church – we are in the building on the right)

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